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Our Name & History

The TAG Center is a gift from two very special people who shared enthusiasm, dedication, and a sense of humility. Their lives had a positive impact on every person living in the Mayville area, and they will be forever remembered with gratitude…

In March of 2000, the Bachhuber Foundation sent a letter to the Mayor of Mayville:
“We are writing on behalf of the Ted and Grace Bachhuber Foundation to confirm the intent of the Foundation and to its plan to fund the development of what will be known as the Ted and Grace Bachhuber Aquatic and Fitness Center (TAG CENTER).”

In honor of Ted and Grace, a simple but perfect name, TAG CENTER, was chosen for this facility. The name TAG CENTER originated from the “TAG ROAD” sign leading to their home.

Ted Bachhuber founded the Mayville Engineering Company with his Uncle Leo. “Mayville Engineering Company was born in the fall of 1945 over a couple of beers and a handshake”, company founder Ted Bachhuber said in an interview for the company newsletter. His Uncle Leo had approached him about starting the business and an agreement was soon sealed. They started doing business in a rented garage behind Main Street with a few tools, a lot of debt, and an abundance of great ideas. Their primary focus was contract manufacturing. Within a year, Leo’s health forced him to retire, and from that point on, Ted’s wife Grace became his unofficial business partner. A homespun philosophy and faith in people is what led to Ted and Grace Bachhuber’s dream… the growth and development of Mayville Engineering Company, Inc. (now referred to as MEC) into a worldwide provider of products and services.

Ted and Grace first lived in an old hunting cottage on the marsh until they could afford something in Mayville. “A big night out was peanuts and beer at a local tavern,” Ted recalled. He also, of course, had fond memories of Grace. “I was busy. Grace took the office work off me completely, which gave me the time to learn this business, which I knew nothing about. She did everything she could to keep us afloat. We were deeply in debt, and we slowly worked our way out. Without Grace’s help MEC wouldn’t have existed.”

MEC’s plants and warehousing facilities have now grown to an area of over 540,000 square feet. When asked about his secret to success, Ted said, “first, you think of survival. Second, you think of taking care of yourself and the future. Third, you think of other people. Grace and I got the employees pretty well set up, and then thought about the town and other things.” As the business prospered, Ted instituted a profit sharing plan for his employees.

While toolmaking capability was the heart of the early organization, Ted and Grace’s love of the outdoors and trap shooting led to the development of the MEC line of Shot Shell Reloaders, which are still produced and distributed worldwide. Ted and Grace spent many hours traveling to shoots throughout the country to promote their product. They were both proficient at trapshooting and displayed the highest degree of sportsmanship. Their contributions to the promotion and welfare of the sport will long be remembered. In 1964, Ted and Grace were inducted into the Wisconsin Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

The final statement in their philosophy was, “you think of other people.” In 1982, The Ted and Grace Bachhuber Foundation was established. Its mission statement simply reads, “THE TED AND GRACE BACHHUBER FOUNDATION SEEKS TO SUPPORT PROGRAMS AND ORGANIZATIONS THAT IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN THE MAYVILLE AREA.” In following this statement, the Foundation has assisted in many endeavors in and around the city of Mayville. In 1983, The Grace Bachhuber Memorial Scholarship fund was established to encourage students in the areas of business and technology.

In 1983, Ted lost his wife and best friend. In 1984, while being honored as Mayville’s Citizen of the Year, Ted said, “There is no way my conscience will allow me to accept this without mentioning the person who is not with us tonight. This person should receive the lion’s share of the credit for keeping me in the right direction. I know that Grace would be very pleased.”

Ted and Grace created and built a great company based on their values. When asked about his family, Ted said, “They are educators, doctors, lawyers, and ditch diggers. I’m one of the ditch diggers.” Having achieved personal success, he continued to follow his philosophy and in 1985 he created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, allowing the employees to buy the company. The ESOP continues today as a retirement plan for its employee participants. Ted was also honored as Outstanding Mayville Industrialist in 1995. Always humble, he said the real story behind any successful organization was in its people. Ted remained Chairman of the Board of Mayville Engineering Company until his death in 1997.

Weather Related Closing Policy

ALL TAG Center Programs (Adult, Children and Senior) will be cancelled when the Mayville Schools are closed due to weather.

  • If Mayville Schools CLOSE early due to weather, all programs after the closing time will be cancelled.
  • If Mayville Schools have a LATE START due to weather, all AM & PM classes will still run at their normal time.


Rarely do we close the TAG Center facility. If we need to close our building, information on the closure can be found:

Classes not held for inclement weather are not refundable and do not qualify for credit. There will be no make-up of cancelled classes for inclement weather.

Tag Center Age Requirements

Pool & Gymnasium:

  • Ages 7 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 12 years or older while using the TAG Center facilities.

Fitness Center:

  • Daily users must be 15 years of age to use the fitness center.
  • Members 12, 13, and 14 years old require orientation with parents prior to entering fitness center.
  • Members 12-14 may use the fitness center without parents after required orientation has been completed. Completed orientation will be kept on record.

Walking Track:

  • Ages 7 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 12 years or older while using the TAG Center facilities.
  • Ages 8 and up can use the track alone.
  • Strollers are permitted on the track at the discretion of the TAG Center staff.


All children entering the TAG Center will be expected to be courteous and respectful to other patrons and follow TAG Center policies. TAG Center staff reserves the right to suspend or revoke privileges if necessary due to disruptive behavior.

Policies, Procedures & General Information

Member Check-In

All members are required to check–in with their TAG Center ID Card/Key Fob at the front desk when entering the building.  It is not necessary to check out when leaving.

Locker Rental

A limited number of lockers are available to rent on a minimum of a one month basis for permanent rental.  Lockers are available for $5 month/$60 for one year.  Locks that are left on lockers without renting will be cut off. Members are responsible to lock and secure their personal items.  The TAG Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Annual Automatic Monthly Bank Drafts

Annual Memberships can be paid with through electronic funds transfer(EFT), also known as Automatic Bank Draft or ACH. The monthly transfer from a checking or savings account will be made on the 15th of each month. (If the 15th falls on a Weekend or Holiday it will come out on the following Business Day).  The EFT/ACH payment plan is a membership commitment of one year.

Bad Check/Automatic Bank Draft Policy(NSF)

A $35 fee will be attached to any returned checks or Automatic Bank Drafts. These payments will have to be paid in CASH ONLY.  (ACH/EFT’s do not cancel member contract and obligation to honor annual membership fees). Membership will be suspended until all back payments are paid in full.  Additional fees may be required to re-activate membership privileges.

Key Fobs

If you carry an active TAG Center Membership and are 18 & Older and would like the privilege of using the TAG Center during unsupervised hours(24/7) there will be a $10 additional fee. In the event it is lost or stolen you will need to pay $10 to replace it.  If a monthly account payment is insufficient you will be required to pay $20 to reinstate your privileges.

Credits and Refunds

Classes lacking sufficient enrollment may be cancelled.  If this happens you may transfer to another class, receive a credit, or receive a refund.  If you need to withdraw from a class session before it begins, we will be happy to issue a credit on your household.  Classes not held for holidays, inclement weather, or instructor illness are not refundable and do not qualify for a credit.  There will be no make-up of cancelled classes due to holidays, inclement weather, or instructor illness.


We welcome all feedback on making the TAG Center more enjoyable and user friendly.  Please use the suggestion box located by the front desk or speak with the TAG Center staff.

Rescheduling & Building Hours

The TAG Center reserves the right to reschedule or combine classes based on enrollment numbers.  The TAG Center also reserves the right to change building hours as deemed necessary based on member usage.

Dress Code

Members must wear shirts and shorts/sweatpants in the exercise room.  Tank tops are permitted.  Shoes are required.  Avoid use of heavy perfume or cologne prior to your workout. Please bring a clean pair of shoes to change into before using the facility. Swimmers must be wearing a swim suit – NO cut-off jeans.

Fitness Room Etiquette

Please Do:

  • Please be courteous at all times.
  • Allow others to share the equipment while you’re resting between sets.
  • Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks.
  • Report any equipment problems immediately to the staff.
  • Rack all weights and dumbbells after each use.
  • Please use the towels located at the front of the fitness room to wipe off all equipment after each use. Disinfectant Bottles are located around the perimeter of the fitness room. Please do not spray disinfectant directly on machines. Spray some disinfectant on a towel in order to wipe down the equipment.
  • Please bring only water into the fitness room. No glass drink container or food are allowed.

Please DO NOT:

  • Scream during lifting
  • Drop or slam down the weights
  • Use profanity
  • Do not attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that has malfunctioned

Food & Drink

Bottled plastic water containers only are allowed in the fitness room and pool.  Food is to be consumed only in the lobby area or rental rooms.  Food is not allowed in the pool area.  No glass containers are allowed anywhere in the facility.

Code of Conduct

The TAG Center is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members and guests.  We ask individuals to follow all rules and act with respect and responsibility in our facility and program areas.  Our code of conduct does not permit any language or action that can threaten or injure another person, or that falls below a generally accepted standard of conduct.  Specifically this includes:

  • Appropriate attire only.
  • Angry or vulgar language, swearing, name-calling, or shouting.
  • Physical contact with another person in any angry or threatening way.
  • Any demonstration of sexual activity or sexual contact with another person.
  • Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language, or other behavior.
  • Theft or behavior that results in the destruction of the TAG Centers property or the property of other patrons.
  • Carrying or concealing any weapon or objects that may be used as weapons.
  • Using or possessing illegal chemicals or alcohol on TAG Center property or program areas.

We ask members and guests to report any incidents or problems to the staff supervisor on duty.  Members and guests who are not following these guidelines may be asked to leave the TAG Center or program areas.  If you are asked to leave the TAG Center, you may not return until you speak with a professional staff person who will determine the length of membership suspension.  In some instances, the privilege to use the TAG Center may be revoked permanently.


  • All participants should shower before entering the pool.
  • Swimmers must be wearing a swim suit. Street clothes are not allowed in the pool.
  • All children not toilet trained must wear a Swim Diaper, Plastic Pants, and a Swim Suit.
  • Diaper changing is permitted in designated areas only, and not allowed in pool area.
  • Children ages 7 and under must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian 12 years or older while using the TAG Center facilities.
  • Food, drink, gum, tobacco, glass, pets, street shoes/socks, are not permitted in the pool area
  • No water wings, flotation suits, inflatable tubes allowed.
  • Inner tubes are for use on the slide only.
  • Running, pushing, shoving, or horseplay is not permitted.
  • No visiting with the lifeguards on duty.
  • Do not enter the pool if you have a communicable disease or open cut.
  • Recreational wheel-based methods of transportation are prohibited.
  • Safety Rails are used for entering and exiting pool only. (PLEASE DO NOT swim through, hang on or loiter around Safety Rails.

Waterslide RULES

  • Do not use the slide while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Follow the instructions of the attendant.
  • No standing, kneeling, rotation or stopping in the tube slide flume.
  • Keep your hands inside the tube slide flume.
  • Leave the plunge area immediately
  • You must be 42” Tall to ride the water slide.
  • WARNING: Water depth is 3 feet 6 inches.

TAG Center Swim Diaper Policy

The TAG Center is a very busy place that is used by people of all ages. The TAG Center staff will be strongly enforcing pool policies along with swim diaper requirements in order to help reduce the number of pool closures due to contaminations.  All children not toilet trained are required at all times to wear the following while in the pool area: a disposable swim diaper, plastic pants to cover the diaper, and a swim suit.

If you or your children are sick, have diarrhea, or have an open cut/wound, DO NOT enter the water for the safety of other swimmers.  In the event of fecal “accident”, it is required by the State of Wisconsin that the pool be shut down for a substantial period of time so that the pool can be properly sanitized to a satisfactory level.  State regulations require a twenty-four hour closure when a liquid fecal contamination occurs.

All adults will be responsible for the actions of their children.  If you feel your child may have an “accident” we advise you to follow the swim diaper requirement.  Any failure to be in compliance with the TAG Center Swim Diaper policy, which results in the closure of the TAG Center Aquatics Center due to a fecal accident, will result in a $250 fine per incident.  We strongly recommend that all parents talk to their non-diapered children about the importance of taking frequent bathroom breaks.

Swim diapers and the plastic pants can be purchased at the TAG Center front desk($1.50 each)

Pool Closure

The pool will be closed during electrical storms.  Closures will take effect when low/case lightning is sighted and the pool will remain closed for 30 minutes after the last sighting.

Pool Facts

Pool lap lanes measure 75 feet long, end-to-end.  Swimming from one end to the other 70.4 times is equal to one mile.  Swimming from one end to the other 43.7 times is equal to one kilometer.

75 ft=22.86 Meters
1 ft=.3048 meters
75 ft=.0142045 Miles
1 Yard=.9144 meters
75 ft=25 Yards
1 Mile=1.60934 Kilometers
75 ft=.02286 Kilometers
1 Mile(Statute)=1760 Yards,1 Mile(Statute)=5280 Feet
75 ft=900 Inches
3.10686 Miles=5 Kilometers

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be purchased at the front desk for any amount, and can be used to put towards memberships or classes.


Users of the TAG Center range from extremely healthy to those in wheelchairs.  Please use consideration for others when parking in the TAG Center parking lot and reserve the spaces close to the building for those in need.


All members will have their pictures taken.  These photos will be kept on the front desk computer for identification purposes.  These photos will ONLY be used to identify users as they check in.

Sexual Harassment/Behavior

Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.  If you feel that you have been sexually harassed by an employee, member or guest of the Center, please report it to management immediately.  As many of our members are families, we request that public displays of affection be minimized in the building.


The following policy applies to persons who are receiving compensation as a result of their use of the TAG Center for Contracted Classes. For more information about Subcontractors, please contact the Director.

  • Persons must provide documentation of licenses or proof of certification.
  • Must carry Liability Insurance.
  • Persons must be certified in CPR/AED
  • Must enter into a contract with the City of Mayville/TAG Center

Membership Termination (Involuntary)

All members of the TAG Center agree to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner at all times when on the TAG Center premises.  This prohibits utilizing foul or offensive language, physical confrontations and abuse of the property at the TAG Center.  Failure to act in accordance with this or other guidelines may result in termination of membership.  If a member conducts himself or herself in such a way as to be detrimental to the general welfare of the Center, the member may be forbidden further usage.  Any membership fees paid may be forfeited.  The TAG Center has a “three strikes and you’re out” policy.  If any of the guideline contained in this manual are violated by a member, the Director reserves the right to write up an incident report about the violation, which will be kept on file.  If a member receives three of these incident reports, they will be asked to leave the TAG Center therefore terminating their membership.  If the Director deems a member/users behavior to be greatly inappropriate, your use will be immediately terminated and law enforcement will be called, if necessary.